Food Rescue

Food rescue bridges the gap between surplus food and families who are going hungry. We collect supermarket surplus and wonky produce, food in damaged or mislabeled packaging, products with a best before date, and fresh ingredients from food manufacturers or farmers.

Food rescue is the sweet solution to two global issues: food waste and food insecurity

Food waste – a ⅓ of food produced around the world is wasted and we know that in New Zealand, households chuck out over $650 worth of uneaten food – that’s enough food to feed a family of four for two weeks!

Food insecurityNZ produces enough food for 40 million people, yet 1 in 5 Kiwi kids live in homes where there’s no food by the end of the week. Too many mums are skipping meals, just so their kids can have one. This broken food system is exacerbating climate change, and our community is the most impacted.

By collecting and preparing surplus fresh food, we fulfil our mission to feed people, not landfill!

Facts About Food Rescue

If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of carbon emissions behind the United States and China. And this is nearly four times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation industry worldwide!

Facts About Food Rescue

New Zealand homes throw away 157,398 tonnes of food per year, all of which could have been eaten. This is enough food to feed the whole of Dunedin for nearly three years! Wasting this much food costs the average household $644 a year (Love Food Hate Waste NZ).

Facts About Food Rescue

Nearly half of all fruit and vegetables produced globally are wasted each year (United Nations Environment Programme).

Facts About Food Rescue

One in five children in New Zealand are living in households where food runs out (Child Poverty Related Indicators Report May 2021).

Facts About Food Rescue

The top foods wasted by households in New Zealand are bread, leftovers, oranges and mandarins, apples, and bananas (Love Food Hate Waste).

Our food rescue partners

These are the champions when it comes to reducing food waste and making sure good food reaches those who need it most. Their donations help share more than a million meals a year!
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Our food recipients

Serving over 40+ community groups across Auckland, Fair Food supplies food to frontline community groups, social agencies and organisations who provide their clients with food to support their immediate needs. Each organisation is thoroughly assessed and a memorandum of understanding is signed with key terms and conditions.

Fair Food doesn’t provide food directly to the public. If you are wanting food assistance, please contact our partners below.

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