What We Do

Food rescue, education, team building and getting together with like-minded people is the stuff that makes our hearts sing!

Food Rescue

Every day, we’re on the road rescuing surplus food from growers, manufacturers and retailers to re-distribute and nourish our communities. Our planet is pretty happy about this too!

Food rescue is when an organisation like us recovers surplus food from growers, manufacturers, retailers (like supermarkets) and wholesalers to prevent this food from being wasted.

There can be a variety of reasons why there’s surplus food including food imperfections, incorrect packaging, discontinued products which can no longer be sold in shops, there’s limited shelf life on the product or it’s ripe and needs distributing as soon as possible!

Cardboard box full of veggies.

Conscious Kitchen

Prepping nutritious meals, cook-ups for the community or simply wanting to know more about food waste? Join us in the Conscious Kitchen.


We know that we’re not a one-stop-shop for solving the issues of food waste, climate change and hunger on our own. We love fresh ideas and positive energy from aspiring food rescue heroes across the motu.

Prepared food is served in the Conscious Kitchen

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