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We recover and rescue good quality surplus food from growers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers. The biggest surprise for most people who come to Fair Food is the quality and quantity of food we recover.


Before you donate food, we need to make sure that certain guidelines have been followed and we ask all our regular donors to sign a memorandum of understanding with Fair Food.

  • All food donated is safe and suitable for consumption including in accordance with Section 12 of the Food Act 2014
  • All donated food adheres to government and/or Ministry of Health guidelines including public health and food safety guidelines.
  • You’re happy to cover the costs associated with the donated food up to the time of collection of and/or delivery of donated food to Fair Food.
  • All food donations are re-distributed for a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purpose and the consumers of such food don’t pay for it.

Have an urgent pick up?

Call us on 022 167 8963 or email urgent to


What kind of food do you rescue?

Fair Food focuses on fresh food such as fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, protein and bread however, we will gladly recover most foods that are considered healthy and nutritious for our community including frozen meals, tinned or shelf-stable foods like rice, pasta, flour etc. We don’t rescue pre-made food from cafes or restaurants such as cakes, muffins, sandwiches, hot pies as we’re unable to guarantee food safety for these items.

How much food can you rescue?

Our minimum requirements are 20kg per pick up. Please talk to us about your food donation and potential quantities to work out the best solutions.

What kind of storage facilities do you have?

Fair Food has a large Hub in Avondale, Auckland including chillers, freezers and access to large storage facilities including blast chillers so we can store and handle large quantities of food. Keeping the cold chain is super important to us so we’ve invested in the infrastructure needed to support donations and re-distribution of rescued food.

Can anyone donate food?

We have memorandums of understanding (MOU) with all our regular food donors however, we can accept ad-hoc or one-off food donations provided food donations meet the criteria as above.

Where does the food go?

Fair Food re-distributes and supplies food to over 40+ frontline community organisations, social agencies and groups who provide food to clients free-of-charge. Your food donation will be shared amongst our different community organisations which is always warmly received and appreciated.

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