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In partnership with various caterers, Fair Food can provide catered food using rescued ingredients including basic finger food options to larger menus that cater for completely plant-based events.


Do you have sample menus?

We are currently working on our sample menus but if you have an idea of how many people you need to cater for, when and any ideas, let us know! We will work with various catering companies to work to your requirements.

What kind of rescued food do you put into the catering?

This depends on what we receive on the day! The majority of our rescued food is fresh produce and bread so, we might make a tomato relish from overripe tomatoes to add to your platter, or savory croutons to your salad. All food is prepared with our caterers under strict food safety rules.

Do you do tastings?

If you’ve got an extra special event coming up and you’d like a tasting, get in touch with us.

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